Awning Supply and Installation in the North East

Below are some of the styles of awnings and exterior glazing that we can suppy and install throughout the North East of England and beyond.

Conservatory Awnings

Conservatory awnings are installed on the glass roof. They protect against overheating, thus contributing to a pleasant atmosphere. Can be retrofitted to virtually any roof type, regardless of the make.


The underfitted Sottezza conservatory awning provides protection against the glare with a cosy effect. Ideal as long as there is enough air circulation in the Glasoase or beneath another type of glazed patio roof.


The tiniest of cassettes for the biggest fabric widths – attractively shaped vertical sun protection prevents room interiors from heating up. They also shelter you from unpleasant glare and allow you to enjoy greater privacy.


Whatever activities you like to pursue outdoors – with a glazed Terrazza patio roof, you’ll be well sheltered from rain, snow, sleet and showers. And your garden furniture can remain outside without being damaged.


By adding folding or sliding side glass walls, you can transform your patio roof into a fully-sheltered Glasoase. No vertical frames on any of the glass elements – giving you a widescreen panoramic view.

weinor PergoTex

The flexible weinor PergoTex folding roof turns your patio into a variable environment with a Mediterranean feel. When it is open, you can enjoy pure fun in the sun, as if in an open-top car, plus shelter from the rain when angled at just 8 degrees or more.